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Get 15% rebate on your premium if you pay through your superannuation

About Khalsa Financial

As qualified Financial Planners and Authorised Representatives of Khalsa Financial, we are committed and eager to provide you with the highest level of service in a professional manner. We specialise in providing insurance solution, mortgage broking and Real Estate to clients in Australia

Insurance Solutions

Insurance provides financial protection against a loss arising out of happening of an uncertain event. A person can avail this protection by paying premium to an insurance company.

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Mortgage Broking

We can arrange your loans and savings with these panel lenders that make ordinary mortgage brokers look, well, ordinary. We invite commission free lenders to really put our lenders to the test

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Real Estate

At Khalsa Financial we partner with many real estate brokers to find strategic properties for our portfolio as well as place customers into strategic data centers that help them grow financially.

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Why Choose us?

With over 10 years planning and lending experience, Khalsa Financial is one of Australia's leading financial services companies providing an extended range of integrated financial solutions and products.

We provide flexible, all-inclusive financial services as well as valuable ongoing support to all our partners and clients and deliver wealth management results to create life style opportunities.

We aim to understand our client’s financial situation intimately. We strive to offer the highest levels of financial advice, backed by products from only the best financial institutions. We are determined to support our clients with exceptional service that will continually exceed expectations and build wealth.

Our advice offering encompasses all aspects of financial planning including retirement planning, negative gearing, investments, general and personal insurance, superannuation, business succession planning advice, home loans, leasing and equipment finance, commercial finance, as well as providing investment property strategies and advice