Why Guideway Wealth

Our Staff

Financial planning is a relatively new industry and the demand for advisory services is growing as more and more individuals identify planners as their primary advice contact. There is therefore a shortage of talented financial planners in the current environment. For this reason, we do not target growth for growth’s sake. We only recruit when we can identify like-minded advisers that role model the Guideway Wealth advice philosophy and corporate objectives that codify these principles into practice.

One key attribute to Guideway’s value proposition is service. Advice is a service. Even the best technical strategy may not achieve its purpose if the client has difficulty understanding or relating to their adviser. For this reason our advisers are often Masters Degree qualified with the Certified Financial Planner qualification (CFP) and have in excess of 10 years experience. We understand that our planners are valued assets in the advice provision process and therefore Guideway Wealth has worked hard to achieve exceptional staff retention rates. You can expect to build a long-term relationship with your adviser and know they will still be there when you need them the most.