Mobile Applications development on iOS, Android and Windows OS

A lot has changed over the years when it comes to how we use technology and one of the amazing platform that has emerged is the mobile platform which has changed the way we share data and do business. Due to ease of use and availability, the new generation expects data and information to be available on mobile and platforms be it Android, iOS or Windows. This has opened up a niche market which businesses can utilize for their benefit to sell their products and information. This is where WebRange comes in and assist local Australian businesses to develop affordable Mobile Apps.
Mobile Apps Designs in HTML5

Growing Benefits of Mobile Apps

Nowadays Mobile Apps are vital to your business growth and can bring is additional revenue from the untapped market. By launching Mobile Apps businesses are staying ahead of their rivals and are reaping the benefits of reaching out to wider audience. Even a moderately basic but effective application for your business can transform into these advantages:
  • Reach out to clients, with Mobile devices, tablets and Internet-empowered cellular phones, who are constantly looking for new information and want to make purchases on the go
  • Provide quick and real time support for your services and improve communication by allowing information transfer via different channels
  • Gather information and feedback from clients on the devices they love to use
  • Faster processing of real time data translates to happy customers and repeated business

Your call to adapt Mobile platform early also boost your productivity and enables cost reduction by improving the collaboration and information sharing between the business and the employees.

WebRange Solutions design Mobile apps that can help you with the following:

  • Manage employees who are on the road and away from office
  • Manage bookkeeping data on the go
  • Administer sales and production pipeline from home
  • Manage quick polls in short time and engage wider audience
Mobile Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android

Our Expertise

We have experienced Mobile development team at WebRange Solutions that can design affordable and majestic Mobile Apps and Mobile friendly Websites. You have the confidence of high quality service when you engage us for your Mobile project. We design our apps for cross platform compatibility and are equally adept at working on Windows, Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. We utilise stable tools including:

  • HTML 5 and CSS3
  • Phonegap for multi-platform apps
  • C#.Net and C++
  • ASP.Net for Windows 10 mobile platform
  • XHTML and WML

Get in touch TODAY and reap the benefits of Mobile market!